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Deco - Misc


  • Ladys Smock in a milk carton - comes with a single recolor of the carton.

  • Credits: Ladys Smock-Parsimonious Sims - Original milk Carton-sims2you

  • Milk Carton textures swatch / Download

  • Foxglove in a can- Two versions, one with a can standing upright and another knocked over with dirt spilling out.

  • Credit: Foxglove-Parsimonious Sims - Can-sims2you - All recolors-Nymphy

  • Foxglave colors swatch / Can textures swatch / Download

  • Fennel in a teapot- Comes with eight textures of the teapot and five colors of the fennel.

  • Second Fennel preview

  • Credits: Fennel-Parsimonious Sims - Teapot-Orange mittens - Some recolors-Nymphy

  • Teapot textures swatch / Fennel colors swatch / Download

  • Flax in a teacup- Comes with four teacup and three flax colors.

  • Credits: Flax-Parsimonious Sims - Teacup-Garden Breeze

  • Teacup textures swatch / flax colors swatch / Download

  • Monkshood in a pot- Comes with six plant colors and fourteen pot textures.

  • Second Monkshood preview

  • Credit: Monkshood-Parsimonious Sims - Monkshood plant recolors-Nymphy

  • Pot Texture swatches one & two / Plant colors swatch / Download

  • Lavender in a pot- comes with fourteen pot textures.

  • Second Lavender preview

  • Credits: lavender-Parsimonious Sims

  • Pot texture swatches one & two / Download

  • Strawberry in a boot- Comes with five boot textures, original, muddy, and three patterns.

  • Credits: strawberry-Parsimonious Sims - Boot-clutter-a-holic and senate - Recolors-Nymphy

  • Boot textures swatch / Download

  • Tomatoes in a tea kettle- Comes with six tea kettle textures and seven tomato colors.

  • Credit: Tomatoes-Parsimonious Sims - Tea Kettle-AroundtheSims2 - Tomato recolors-Nymphy

  • Tea Kettle texture swatch / Tomato colors swatch / Download